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What type of items do you accept for consignment?

We will consider any household items that are clean and relevant to today's buyers. We do not accept china, glassware, linens (except vintage), lamps without shades, books, unframed art, clothing. or anything chipped or soiled. 

Smaller items easily transported can be brought into the shop for consideration anytime Wed-Sat 10-4. We will look at them on the spot to determine if they are a good fit for the shop. If you have larger items such as furniture we ask that you provide us with a detailed description or pictures prior to bringing items in. Pictures can be sent by e-mail to  or by text to 520-288-6235 (please note that is a text only #) 


How are items priced, and how long are they kept in inventory?

We price items based on our extensive experience in the Tucson resell market. They are kept in inventory for about 60 days, and may be discounted after 30 days. You will be provided with an "end date" for your items which is when they need to be picked up, or we can donate on your behalf. 


How do I get paid?

You receive 45% of the sale price, and we issue checks the 1st week of each month whenever we owe you $50 or more. Less than $50 the money accrues for you, or can be used as store credit. 

Please note: we cover all credit card processing fees, and do not assess any additional "item fees" for any reason. We also take responsibility for anything that is lost, stolen, or broken. 


How do I know if my items have sold, and how do you keep track of them?

We have a sophisticated computer program that allows us to issue each item a unique barcode. When items are sold, they are scanned and credited to you. You can access your account 24/7 (instructions are given when opening an account). 

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